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When considering prospective online business management associate degree options, students should take their time choosing a program. Distance learning opportunities exist abound, so make sure to choose a school that meets most of your needs and expectations. Many students opt for in-state public colleges, which tend to offer lower tuition rates, while others choose private or out-of-state schools and offset higher tuition rates with financial aid.

Program Cost:
Cost is often a prohibitive factor in higher education, but learners can usually work around it. In addition to seeking out federal, state, and local aid resources, prospective students should look into institutional and programmatic funding.
Transfer Policies:
Many learners choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree after completing an online associate degree in management. These students should make sure their associate programs offer classes with credits that transfer easily. When considering their next school, learners should ensure their chosen bachelor’s program implements transfer agreements or transfer-friendly policies.
School Size and Type:
Some students prefer small class sizes and intimate learning environments in which they can get to know their peers and professors. These learners may consider private colleges, which tend to offer smaller class sizes than public universities. However, private schools cost substantially more than public schools. Check with your prospective program about average class sizes.
Program Length:
Most full-time distance learners can complete their associate degree in two years. Students may complete their degree faster if they completed prior credits through AP classes or dual enrollment in high school. Conversely, part-time students usually need three years to finish their associate degree.
On-Campus Requirements:
Recognizing that many students work while enrolled, most online programs do not require campus visits. However, some do. If on-campus requirements do not fit your schedule, verify your prospective program’s on-campus requirements before enrolling.

Accreditation for Online Management Associate Degrees

Aside from cost considerations, distance learners should make sure their school maintains proper accreditation. Accreditation exists in two forms: institutional accreditation and programmatic accreditation.

Institutional accreditation ensures that a school prepares graduates for the real world. An institution can apply for either regional accreditation or national accreditation, though regional accreditation is typically seen as more prestigious. Credits from nationally accredited institutions may not transfer to regionally accredited schools, and some employers prefer candidates with regionally accredited credentials.

Associate degrees in business management do not qualify for programmatic accreditation, but bachelor’s degrees in business management do. Prospective bachelor’s students should seek programmatic accreditation from the or other related organizations.

Individuals looking for lists of accredited schools can find them through the or the . Neither agency directly accredits schools, but both help regulate accrediting agencies.

How Long Does It Take to Get an Associate Degree in Management?

An online business management associate degree usually appeals to students considering careers in business management. This degree provides learners with a sense of the industry without requiring a four-year commitment. Comprising approximately 60 credits, most traditional associate programs take full-time students about two years to complete. Students who want to graduate more quickly should consider taking summer courses or maxing out their course loads each semester.

万宝路平台官网Other learners may need to take their time as they juggle academic, personal, and professional responsibilities. These students might study part-time, which takes about three years. Part-time students often end up paying more for their degrees, as they enroll in school for longer periods of time and therefore pay more semester-based fees.

Courses in an Online Management Associate Program

Organizational Behavior in Business:
This course helps students understand how different management and leadership styles lead to different organizational behaviors and outcomes. Learners cover topics such as productivity, profitability, employee morale, motivation, managing conflict, overseeing times of change, and creating favorable group dynamics.
Business Finance
Usually taken in the first year of studies, this course helps students learn about the basics of business financials. Learners build skills in analyzing financial statements, managing cash flow, understanding risk and return, and seeking out diversified streams of income. They also learn about the foundations of financial management.
Strategic Management
Students in this class learn to complete competitive advantage analyses and think strategically about their companies’ short- and long-term goals. Learners cover topics such as strategic planning, making decisions about the future, and responding to industry-based and economic shifts.
Human Resources Management
This course teaches about the basic foundations of personnel management, with emphasis on developing effective HR systems, hiring the best qualified staff, creating and integrating innovative training programs, managing benefits effectively, and developing work environments that promote productivity.
Sales Management
Students in this class walk through the lifecycle of a successful sale, studying each step along the way to learn about best practices. Learners gain skills in developing customer leads, building portfolios, negotiating prices and contracts, garnering repeat clients, and creating organized and maximized strategies.

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Management Professional Organizations

Professional organizations charge annual membership fees, but they also provide an array of member perks, including networking and job opportunities that could help professionals boost their careers. Professional associations often host annual conferences, local chapters, online programming, training or certification, scholarships, awards, and other benefits. These benefits help business management professionals make the most of their jobs.

AMA serves members through a variety of benefits and services, including regular seminars, webinars, and webcasts; the Women’s Leadership Center; podcasts; white papers; a resource library; and a skills assessment.
With more than 3,000 members hailing from 80 countries, this global organization represents the interests of strategic managers. The group hosts several conferences each year, along with publications, research funding, a reading circle, and several awards and honors.
Representing office and administrative professional members, IAAP advocates for the profession by providing certifications, an annual conference, local chapters, branch events, an active jobs board, online learning, blogs, and leadership skill-building opportunities.

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